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Monday, 7 May 2012

Not a frequent updater.

I know, I'm a terrible person for not updating this more often. I waffle and prattle on enough vocally that I don't feel like filling the empty space here when its not needed.

Times are busy, things are happening or happened and I have found myself writing small parts in other stories to keep myself going, The Rip needs a small revision and a major part cut out (Its creepy and a long story, maybe ill regret saying this one day but it really is just an example of how weird i am in relation to sensitive topics, but that's what you have friends for) which is keeping me from going too deeply into it at the moment.

I do have one thought to say here 'tho, just to fill the empty space and perhaps amuse anyone whos following this. How would Sherlock Homes be diagnosed by our modern standards? Hes at least OCD by my understanding, then there's the drugs (Cocaine I think?) so that's going to be an awkward discussion with his GP.
I half-seriously wonder this because he and Watson have to be one of my all time favourite pair of characters and I really should watch that modern take on the duo sometime, no idea what its called 'tho.