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Thursday, 15 August 2013

At the End of the World.

A short romantic story. Written form and with the help of, a friend who hopes to make a comic out of it.

I've gotten a fair bit of praise for it from various sources, ranging from "Good but not my taste." to "YOU wrote this?!". Its reassuring to say the least.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Not dead, yet not alive.

Because The Rip deserves a restart, now that i feel less of a creeper about it.

A certain thing bugged a reader, and upon discussion and reflection, i realised its one of them nasty "You didn't spot it because you're blind to it due to privilege." things.

I know better now, but it will still need cleaning up before im confident to continue. But hey, I'm sure my two followers are heartbroken at the news.

Taking some good advice regardless 'tho, never stop writing and reading if you want to be a writer. Currently penning up some core structure to a magic system for a fantasy setting I've wanted to write for along while.