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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Five: Interconnecting a book with the Internet

I'm currently working on a self imposed deadline to get arc one into draft three by next Thursday, so blog posts will be a bit light, thankfully I'm not exactly popular... yet.

This topic is basically about the Internet. Ah yes, Internet, getting your minds out of the gutter for the moment consider just how powerful a tool it is for the modern writer.
Spellchecker, Sure we've got word for that, but sometimes it fails, and Google is a great trick to double check meanings. Also works as a backup Synonym's finder. Research, Wikipedia and a social networking will help you fill every possible blank spot of your personal understanding, naturally its stuff that should be taken with a grain of salt, but shouldn't that be true for all information from any source?  Idea Bouncer, I have made a number of people my reoccurring victims to pitch ideas, from book concepts to dialog flow to sequences to realistic storytelling and it really helps to iron out the unbelievable or the just plain bad. Self Advertising, You could say it's a double sided sword, but been able to interconnect with said social networking means you are advertising to as wide an audience as possible, you're not limiting yourself.

It's not just limited to this however, the internet is space to throw up interesting facts, concepts, abandoned thought processes, rejected characters, interesting titbits about the setting. Personally I don't really see myself as the exclusive "end of all discussion" source where it comes to the deeper meaning of my writings, in this sense, I'd say my opinion carries as much weight as a diehard fan does.
Is this a story of a woman's struggles against society, her own fears about going power mad, while fighting off the extraterrestrial, supernatural and terrestrial threats to the human race? Or is this a tale of action, adventure and good old fashioned kicking of arse by a female protagonist who can electrify at a touch? Is it both? Personally I'd say that's not for me to decide, and a website lets me put my own thoughts on the matter up for discussion and counter point.

I'm hardly the first person to come across this, of the top of my head I know Brandon Sanderson's website fits what I'm saying to a T.  A place for the author to write up his inputs about chapters, deleted segments and more. On that vein the internet has another use, interconnectivity between writers. A chance to speak to authors whom have caught your attention. Assuming they want to reply, of course.
Shame the internet comes with its drawbacks. So many delightful drawbacks all offering small distractions that will only take up a reasonable amount of time, small bits of information to be had, "oh how interesting I didn't know that was related to that."

... And then you realise its 21:58, you've been wikiwalking all day and there's still another chapter to edit before calling it quits for today.


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