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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Four: Stories that write themselves

I was shocked to discover Alexandria writing herself, but this goes further, the entire setting has sometimes shifted place to show me depths of it I had never considered. They happen in two ways, through the story itself, much like watching a program, I see the universe unfold in my mind's eye, I watch it from many perspectives and I absorb what's happening. Then there is the 3am "Oh god I must write this down!" moments, flashes of inspiration as pieces interlock together to show me a glimpse of the completed picture.

Don't misunderstand me, I do know where my story is going and it's still going the way I set it to do so. It has its direction I demand, the setting I have created, the characters I've tossed in, yet it's strangely exciting to see the people write themselves, their relationships, their loves, their aspirations, it really surprised me to see my universe, what I created, almost begin to flower on its own without me there to influence absolutely everything.

I do wonder, just how much control should a writer have on such impulses? Certainly I'm going through the refining process now, sorting out from what is basically a storm of creative hunger put to paper to organise, refine and tune up what I feel is bad, mis-communicated or badly displayed, but what I'm asking at the key is, should I ride this wave of letting my universe write itself all the way to the end, or is there points that I should stubbornly reign back the beast and demand it to comply with my vision?

Currently the wave has yet to clash with the purpose, so I can't see it been an issue either way, but I would love for anyone whom has written before to drop any thoughts they have about this.

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